Why did I start this blog?

Starting out on your marketing career can be tough. Really tough. Not only are there the practical skills that you are expected to have but nowadays you are also supposed to have a number of behavioural qualities too.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing have produced the Professional Marketing Standards framework which combines these skills and behaviours that are now expected of the professional marketer. These are great to give some guidance on what you should be aiming for and a bit of structure.

So I am a Communications Executive at Anthony Gold and in order for me to progress to the next level in my career I’m going to use this framework as a guide. Not just a tick box exercise but really understand what they mean and get to grips with them. It’s not like I am going to become financially literate and commercially aware overnight!

I’m going to be blogging about the CIM’s London professional marketer event series over the next 8 months alongside my fellow official blogger Mieke Evans. Each event will cover a practical skill and a behaviour and go into detail of what each is about. Myself and Mieke will be putting these to practise in our day jobs and writing about each one. She’s a bit more advanced in her career than I am so we’ll have different views on each event and what we take away from them. I explain more what I’ll be doing in my video here:

Starting this blog has been a challenge for me because in a way I am putting myself out there as I always think bloggers are an expert in their field. By no means do I consider myself an expert. I am still learning and like other marketers there’s always a new app or social media platform around the corner to discover. If you said to me this time last year that I would set up my own blog and be doing video blogging too, I would have laughed. At the time I was very low about my abilities as a marketer and questioning if I had made the right career decision. Even six months ago I still wouldn’t have believed it.

I read a really interesting article last week about fear and self-doubt by performance consultant Shona Rowan. It struck a cord with me and I realised that everyone has their own fear. Mine is that I’m not informed enough to be writing this blog and people will sneer at me. But do you know what, I’m just going to do it anyway. It’s the same in marketing, it’s important to push forward and continue learning.

I hope you find my blog useful and I’d encourage you to come to any of the CIM events if you can.

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