100% renewables: ‘wishful thinking’ or an imperative goal?
David Schwartzman

Engaging in this type of informed open dialogue is an important component of creating the cultural human evolution that can make such a transition towards a sustainable future for humanity possible. Thank you! We have a long hard road before us. We have procrastinated for much too long but shifting human focus away from the ingroup/outgroup thinking of the MIC towards the recognition of one human family living on lifeboat Earth together and whose survival is ultimately linked to our intimate interdependence as the uniquely social/cultural creatures we are is of critical importance for us all. These are the discussions we should be having in the MSM with public debates across the global internet linked with informed local consensual decision making happening around the planet rather than the top down hierarchical decision making processes currently enabled. Without the active educated engagement of every potentially transformative thinker alive today, our chances for a successful transition are non-existent.