The matter is “how to” effect such changes, the “cultural value shift” that you advocate. There is no longer enough time left for any slow process of “education”, “consciousness raising”, activism of any kind, or governmental actions.
Hello Gary,
Dr Louis Arnoux

First, I agree with you completely as to the importance of the “how to” effect change but I must respectfully disagree with you regarding your assumption that the process of achieving the “cultural value shift” is too slow. The “cultural value shift” can indeed happen overnight when the conditions are right. Furthermore, since the root problem is not oil shortages, environment disruptions or climate change but the cultural values driving these unintended consequences, the only viable solution is a cultural value shift no matter how long it takes. Either it will be too late or it will happen and humanity will transition rapidly towards a more sustainable future. No individual or group can ‘impose’ a sustainable human culture since such a culture is by definition comprised of the ideas and beliefs of multitudinous individuals unless of course, you are suggesting some type of universal mind control or mass extermination? Western monetary market economic culture is certain a good example of the massive manipulation of human cultural values through mass marketing, advertising, etc. that centers around the ideas of private property and ownership.

I suspect what you are really saying here, and please correct me if I am wrong, is that there is not enough time left to save the culture that you have come to know and love. This is likely only too true. If history is any guide, we have discovered numerous ancient civilizations where the inhabitants for unknown reasons simple walked away. There is always vigorous scientific debate surrounding the reasons for such events, often concerning the very same crises we face today like ecological disruptions. And undoubtedly just like today, those disruptive forces were driven by a cultural narrative that shifted very rapidly out of necessity, again just like today. I am not suggesting that it would be possible for us today to just walk away from our modern technological civilization without severe consequences. What I am suggesting is that the cultural changes needed to secure a sustainable future for humanity may well be much more drastic that many people today are yet willing to consider. Is your culture more important than the lives of others? Then, in my opinion, your culture values are unsustainable as are those of any other set of cultural values that think likewise. Discovering and then sharing that golden set of cultural values that resonates with all people regardless of their individual cultural quirks and peculiarities, is, in my opinion, the only path towards a sustainable human future. If it doesn’t work for everyone, in the final analysis, it won’t work for any of us.

Since this is the root of the cultural conflagration unfolding across the planet today, no matter how long or how difficult is will be to promote and adopt a sustainable set of cultural values given the converging set of crises facing humanity all being driven by culturally motivated unsustainable behaviors, we have no other choice. Human cultural capacity is a intrinsic aspect of human nature. Like all the other forces of nature, we have two choices, we either submit or we suffer the consequences. Only the emerging group mind of humanity has the capacity to resolve this cultural conundrum rapidly enough. A sustainable future will only emerge from a human culture that begins to respect its on roots and limitations, individual human lives.

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