First, it is necessary to have know how, in the form of science, technology, engineering, concerning how to find, extract, transport, process and deliver products derived from minerals or biomass in such a way as to be able to derive work — no know how no resource or reserve. Presently the prevailing know how achieves only about 12% energy efficiency for the whole globalised industrial world (GIW). Given the current state of depletion, this is no longer viable and by a very wide margin, and it’s getting worse — the GIW is in the process of losing access to all sources.
Hello Gary,
Dr Louis Arnoux

I have some real difficulty with your definition of resources. Your perspective towards resources seems to be entirely driven by an abstraction of economic value? or perhaps derived energy? I consider a tree to be a valuable resource for every human being on this planet especially when it is not extracted for economic or energy production value. There is an immeasurable value to human life of the entire pristine ecosystem of the Earth before anything is ever extracted as an economic resource in support of any culturally derived narrative of human beings. This I think may be one of our primary differences in perspective.

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