The moral conundrum
Mike Meyer

When I say ignore when possible, I absolutely do not mean that we can ignore the consequences of destructive actions. Our responses however should not be equally violent but well considered, creative positive actions that eliminate as much as possible the ability of those destructive actions to have destructive impacts. Much of what is tweeted from the White House these days is extremely ignorant. Filling the streets outside Trump towers is never going to create any significant change as anyone with the power and authority of DT is a systemic problem. All of our efforts would be much more effectively applied by educating ourselves in how we have arrived arrived to these circumstances and how we can avoid this ever happening again.

The vast majority of the world’s population are rapidly becoming aware of the absolute absurdity of our current circumstances, but often have very little understanding of how we arrived here. Still, many respond with a general humanity that simply needs to be encouraged and supported. Look at the support that emerged when a small group of extremely marginalized people made a non violent stand at Standing Rock for the basic human right to clean water. We need to multiply those types of nonviolent actions in our communities where we confront systemic violence which is essentially everywhere. We need to multiply actions and join our actions globally demanding a respect and protection of the basic human rights of all people everywhere all the time.

A deepening awareness of the systemic reasons that these rights are not already the default condition for our global culture is already rapidly growing. Look at how many decent Americans became more aware of the systemic problems in what they thought was basically a representative democratic politic process during the last election cycle. How did we get here? How do we avoid ever being here again? If you keep asking yourself those questions with sincerity eventually an understanding of the deeply systemic nature will emerge, an understanding that can be overwhelming at first until you begin to understand that we all share the same lifeboat, Earth and that the cultural drivers of all the systemic problems are our own creations that only together we can uncreate and create something better in its place whenever we are ready. Together, only together. So we must discover our common ground and create a culture that supports everyone rather than the existing culture that supports the few, marginalizes the many and in the end fails us all. Universal Basic Human Rights is a positive demand ever single human being can support, must actively promote and defend if we are ever to move towards a sustainable future for humanity. UBHR is the chisel that will sculpt the broad outlines of a sustainable human culture. So don’t go out into the streets to protest, but get active in the streets and everywhere in absolute and unconditional support of the basic human rights of every human being especially the most marginalized, those whose lives are most immediately threatened right now.

Our dysfunctional ‘leaders’, governments, banks and financial institutions may not be able to help those lives endangered by the deadly consequences of the unnaturally disasters multiplying across our embattled planet, but we can. And when we do, we begin to recognize where the true power has always resided, in the shared cultural dialogue in which we are all constantly engaged, in the hands of the many, not the hands of the ignorant few. So we organize with a common unstoppable purpose and create the future we want to share with our children. Presently, we live in a dysfunctional human family because of a flawed cultural narrative that is entirely out of sync with the real natural world of our home planet upon which we all depend for our survival. The internet has become our kitchen table where we are all sitting around and discussing how we can work things out. When we are able to find common ground, action is spontaneous, joyful, collaborative and creative. We don’t have any more time to loiter around Trump Towers bemoaning how an asshole makes such a fool of himself. There is a whole lot that needs to be done before it is too late.

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