Why I joined Medium.

Hey guys, Although I feel skeptical about doing this, I have still decided to give it a shot. Signed on to medium about some few months back to read true life stories and It has been great so far. This day I made up my mind to join the story telling folks albeit my writing skills being just bad.

So what prompted the decision?
I don’t know what exactly spark the fire but I guess it was just the feeling and stage of life I find myself in at the moment. Judging from the the stories I read on medium, I have come to a conclusion that stories you write on medium should be worthy of telling, should impact someone and readers should be able to relate to your story or learn something from it.

So here I am, the journey starts now. I would be sharing real life experiences with you guys on the journey towards being an entrepreneur and programmer, experiences of the average Ghanaian Muslim trying to get to the top. Both the Good and the Bad.

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