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Hello Friends!

I hope your winter was amazing and full of merry cheer! The folks here at The Avenue thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support spiritually and financially. Your prayers are much appreciated & valued ❤

We have just come back from winter break and upon returning our leadership team went on a weekend retreat. I think it’s safe to say that going to another place always brings new perspective to your life (or is it just me? I think it’s a human thing) Anyways…

During the retreat the Lord really spoke to each of our hearts in different and similar ways. For me — it was the reminder of spiritual warfare and the constant battles we face but holding onto the knowledge of victory through Jesus (that hit my heart several times). That we must fight in the spiritual: meaning prayer, worship, fasting, being grounded in the word. We must fight for our city in the spiritual. That reminder was so eye opening. We also learned about strategy/leadership and new things to come this year in regards to The Path. Soooo exciting! like life- changing exciting— more details to come…when I’m allowed to tell you all.

The Avenue! kick started the year with our weekly gathering on Wednesdays at 7:30pm. We had time of prayer, a Lesson, and then had art exercises based on “Themes”. These theme drawings concentrated on a particular phrase/word and verse (i.e. light v.s. Darkness/Fight/Overcome). So we would pray, asking god to lead us with an image focusing on the theme. This exercise was to get our creative muscles moving with the holy spirit and the results were amazing.

Each person had markers/pens/pencils and a giant piece of paper. Some used the entire page, others strategically used parts of the paper. It was intriguing to see what each person drew. One group member was detailed with his drawings making them perfect as another scribbled on the page. Below are examples of what went down. It’s amazing to see how uniquely God works in each of his children creatively.

Artists: Noe Ramos, Josue Lopez, Miguel Garcia, Joanna Love Mier

Events! So the lord has been cooking up some great ideas! By praying I hope to see what he has in store. We will still have our monthly DTLA Art Walk (Yay!) Starting in February we are going to start Street evangelism through Performing Arts (Specific dates to come) If you are interested in being part of it email me! my contact is below. I’m very excited for these events and more to come up at the End of the quarter!

Thanks for reading! Please share and spread the word. Contact me at joanna@thepath.com for more information about The Avenue!

Pioneer Jay

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