“Clean Food”
Kevin Folta

This article is on point in so many aspects.

The amount of food waste in this country is absolutely absurd. As a society, we readily throw away (or choose not to buy in the first place) lots of food that doesn’t look perfect. It’s our pickiness that has lead to the use of artificial colors and flavors in the first place. Preservatives, likewise, help to keep food looking and tasting right for an extended period of time. This is useful not only in getting food from farm to store, but also so it lasts a reasonable time in our own homes. There’s nothing wrong with these foods. They don’t make you sick. They don’t taste markedly different. If you talk to some of the clean food apostles, they would have you believe you are eating literal garbage.

I’ve never been one to tell someone what is right for you or your family to eat, and I won’t do that now. If you make the choice to eat “clean” or organic or non-GMO, all the power to you. Not only is it your choice to spend your money on whatever you want, but if you feel that there is a moral obligation towards clean food, by all means buy whatever you feel is best. However, to preach to people about the virtues of clean food when there is no scientific backing of it being better for you or the environment is not only wrong but also terribly misleading. Many of those I refer to as “food labelists” tend to have an almost religious fervor towards why their particular product of choice is superior. You’ve been sold the snake oil and are now passing it on to some who simply can’t afford to live that way. Even without true science to back it, I may even be open to believing in some sort of moderate health benefit to eating such a diet. But, based on the fact that most of country isn’t dropping dead by eating non-clean tomatoes, I don’t see how any benefit could be life changing or significant.

TL;DR — Eat whatever you want. That’s your choice. Just don’t call me an idiot for buying the GMO, non-clean alternative that’s half the price, lasts twice as long, as tastes the same to my plebeian taste buds.

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