So this is where it begins.

Have you ever been taken to the top of a really large mountain and then placed strategically so that you will roll down the mountain? A slow roll. Through thorny bushes, jagged rocks, dirt, muck. Nothing that stops the fall. One long, continuous bruising fall.

Till you start to believe this is the new normal. You accept the bumps and the wounds. You can’t stop the fall. You have no control over it. You hope you will black out but your eyes are like headlamps that have been prised open.

Day after day.

Week after week.

Month after month.

A full year.. or has it been longer?

The injuries are endless. The scars permanent.

Then suddenly you feel weightless, like you have hit deep water and sunk to the bottom. There’s silence. You still watch warily. The bruising fall will return. It cannot stop, can it?

Sounds of silence. You drift mid stream like silent wood.

Maybe this is a new level.

This calmness will flow into a ravine raging with flood water. Brown and furious.

Continued quietness.

Eyes remain open. Force of habit. Then it all slips into an awakening dawn.

Eyes close. The earth stops spinning. The ground pauses.

You awaken much later in a reservoir. Crunchy sand. Trees and hills stretched to the horizon. You wiggle your feet into the earth. You rise up steadily, your eyes squinting into the sun.

There’s no road. No signposts pointing the way. A relief sinks through your body like extra oxygen. You can go anywhere.

This is where it begins.