The One Thing Most Travel’s Forget To Prepare

Tomorrow is the day. You look around your living room at the pile of luggage on your floor while mentally double-checking that you have everything you need to leave on the trip abroad you have been diligently planning for months. You have your toothbrush, your swimsuit, and your passport…wait you think, WHERE IS MY PASSPORT!? You look around frantically moving from room to room only to realize with a sense relief and mild-embarrassment that your passport was in your left hand the entire time. When you finally feel satisfied that you are packed to perfection you turn off the light and wander to your bedroom for one last night of sleep before your journey. A few hours later, you feel a small hand reach up and gently shake your arm as it hangs off the bed. You groggily ignore it at first, that is, until till you hear a small, familiar voice quietly ask the word “Daddy?” A smile spreads across your face, because you know that voice; it belongs to the most important person in your life: your daughter. You sit up and bend over to scoop her up in your arms. She cuddles up in your lap and lays her head against your chest as tears form in her eyes. You become consumed with worry about how you are going to soothe her worries and bring the smile back to her face that you love so much. Hugging her tight, you ask her what is wrong. She sniffles, wipes her tears one more time, and looks up at you with enough pain and sadness in her eyes it makes your heart break a thousand times over. She asks you one simple question that instantly puts the weight of the world on your shoulders: what would happen if you did not come home from your trip, daddy? Her voice quivering more and more as she recalls the bad dream she had about no longer having her daddy in her life. You tell her you will always come back to her because nothing can keep you apart and that you love her and will be there for her no matter what. She eventually calms down and smiles as you kiss the top of her head. You move her off your lap and lift up the covers so she can snuggle in as she has done hundreds of times before. When you hear her finally drift off, you feel as though peaceful sleep should meet you, but instead you are consumed with the question your daughter asked. What would happen if an accident were to occur during your trip? What would your daughter do? Why has this thought not crossed your mind before? You know you cannot leave on good conscience without solving this issue. Careful not to wake your daughter you reach for your laptop and draw it into your lap. You begin looking up information about handling accidents abroad only to be met with scary statistics from the U.S. State Department that estimates just fewer than 1,500 American citizens die while traveling abroad each year. You are shocked and cannot believe you may be leaving your little girl with no plan of what to do if something were to happen. Then you remember the website you found cage diving for your trip on said something about this. You pull up the website and realize that the site not only has an option to make your bucket list, but also to plan your funeral and pay for it. You do not want to plan your funeral at three in the morning, but know it is what is best for the little girl you love so much. Turns out planning a funeral can be fun! The website is filled with options to make it truly something representative of the life you lived. The format is user-friendly and perfect for getting things done efficiently. Later that “morning,” you close your laptop with a sense of overwhelming relief, because you know The Bucket will make sure that if anything happens to you during your trip, your daughter and your relatives will not be burdened planning or paying for the funeral while they are consumed with grief. Plus, you know they will appreciate just how personalized it is to yourself.

If you do not have a funeral plan in case anything happens to you abroad, please check out www.thebucketnation and save your loved ones the pain, agony, and burden of planning a funeral for you when they are consumed with grief.

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