Common Mistakes of Hotel Marketing on the Web

As hotel marketer maybe you have pulled out your best effort to market your hotel and increase booking for your property. Unfortunately, like most hotelier out there, you find out that you only receive few direct booking. Even with so much effort to build a website and perform digital marketing campaign for your hotel, you still see that the problem is not solved yet.

So is something wrong with your hotel marketing practice? Or maybe you have missed some essential hotel marketing practice.

In terms of managing our hotel website, maybe you have missed some basic marketing practice. Ultimately this will leads to few number of direct booking on your website. To help you improve your hotel marketing, Caption will highlight three most common mistakes of hotel marketer to market their hotel on the web.

Not properly show what are people looking for

Every guest has their own needs, which might be different with other guests. If we want to take a look at guest types, such as business traveler, family traveler or experienced traveler, all will have its own needs and wants. To make sure they attracted to book your hotel, it’s important to put information of service and feature which is commonly needed by our main customer target.

Today, most of hotel website show information about their hotel, service, and room description. They barely fill the information box in their website design. This makes the information not properly shown and make guest cannot find their needs by looking at your hotel website. Therefore they might decide to book in another hotel or maybe via OTA instead. This situation not only could lead you miss your potential customer but also could make your hotel lose to competitors.

Therefore, you need to understand what are your customers looking for. You need to understands what things make them decide to book your hotel. After you know that, you can display it on your website properly. For example, if your hotel offers free internet access and amenities , you should show in ways that it easily spotted. In addition, it also needs to be well designed & attractive for customers. It is important to make sure customer interested to book your hotel.

The other thing, you also need to pay attention to your SEO practice. How? You can see here

Hotel room not properly displayed


Almost same like information that not properly showed, most hotel are unable to show their hotel room properly. The common practice is to show hotel room mostly focus on decorated items, such as chocolate, or even flower vase. Although it shows nice emotional picture, but it missed the main purpose of room display, which is to show how hotel room look like.

To show your hotel room properly, you need to understand what is your guests looking from a hotel room. It is essential to be able to make potential guest know how your hotel room look and feel. There are various ways to display your hotel room. For example, showing a detailed picture of the room or show different views from different room corner. The most important thing is how they can easily get an overview of the room and notice the essential features of your room.

Complicated booking process


The last situation you want is when there are guests interested but unable to book because of complicated booking process. Some hotel requires potential guest to take multiple steps and many forms to be completed before finish the booking. This is not a best practice. With a complicated booking process, there is big potential of losing guest because they too tired or become stressed out to finish it.

To make sure your hotel website has better booking process, you’ll need a well designed and informative booking engine. Well designed booking engine will not only make sure potential guest has easier and clear information about hotel. It will simplified the steps to finish booking process, as well giving clear information about room price, type, and the facilities.


The essential way to market your hotel on the internet is by understanding your customer needs. In summary, your website needs to clearly show information of your hotel, needed by your guest such as main feature, facilities, and price. It also needs to have good room display to give potential guest overview what they will get from your hotel room. In addition of that, better booking process would help make sure potential guest easily do booking on your website.

To able to understand your guest, you could start by trying to ask your guest about what they looking when they book a hotel. You also could study various marketing research related customers in travel or hospitality industry. Better understanding of various type of customers would help you to determine which practice is the best for your hotel marketing on the web.