Effortless Approaches to Boost Your Guest Experience

When you have a hotel business, guest experience is one of the fundamental aspects you should take care of. Building a perfect guest experience might sounds like a difficult task, but you can actually utilize technology to achieve that. By implementing the right steps to maximize the technology for your guests’ experience, you will see that your review rates will grow significantly. In modern hotel competition where review rates means a lot, having these rates grow will also have your business enhanced.

If you’re managing a small hotel and wanting to boost your guest experience, try to read along. Here we have several strategies that are broken down to pre, during and post stay to elevate the guest experience with simple technology for small hotels.


Send confirmation e-mail

Once your guests book the room in your hotel, it is always nice to send an automatic confirmation e-mail. With this, your guests will be assured that their payment is successful and you have received their booking well. Even though it sounds simple, it could really boost your guest experience.

Give personal information about things in your area

The information can include to-do and to-go lists in your city. You can also include things that are essential to bring before your guests arrive. By sending this kind of e-mail, you are actually building relationship and communication with your guests and make them feel welcomed.


Social media interaction for guests

You can encourage your guests to take pictures of your hotel by providing unique design interiors or perhaps witty writings on your amenities. This will let you to get free advertising when your guests upload the pictures in social media. You can also make special hashtag for your hotel to make people easier to get information about your hotel.

Create events and announce it on social media

Creating events can also enhance your guest experience. You don’t need to be extravagant with the event, even simple events like pool party or Indian night can be an affordable choice for those who stays on budget. This will make your guests stay excited and happy. Social media can also be a promotional tool for the events and attract people to actually want to stay in your hotel.


Send an exit survey

Be simple on creating a check-out questionnaire. You don’t need to interrogate your guest with long list of questions, all you need is just few questions. Never give them more than 5 questions because 3–5 questions are enough to dig in. Send the questions via email 1–3 days after they check out to make sure they have enough time to fill it in. The data that sent back can be used to evaluate and improve all of your guest experience.

So what do you think? Improving your guest experience is not that complicated, right? Investing technology in your small hotel business can actually help you a lot to organize and manage the company. It may look complicated and scary, but technology is here for you to make things simpler. Caption Hospitality is one of the solution for you to get help on technology for your little hotels. Find out more about us here.