It is absolutely a threat, and one I take seriously.
Kelly Ellis

Dear Kelly (@justkelly_ok); Notwithstanding my prior discourse on the matter of termination of pregnancies, upon which we shall have to agree to disagree, I wish to proffer my sincere apology if I in any way upset or offended you with my comments made against the Venn diagram you posted on Twitter. My comments were entirely predicated on that post as it stood. I was not, at that time, aware that you had been subjected to prior threats of rape. I would never condone that and consider it abhorrent. I was raped as a young boy of four years old back in 1967 when I was briefly in a Catholic children’s home whilst my (divorced) mother recovered from cancer surgery and radiotherapy. I have continued to live with the devastating aftermath to this day. I would not wish that or threat of such upon anyone. I am a pacifist and humanist, so never favour violence in any form.

Kindest regards,


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