This is a repost of my earliest blog, dating to 2013 when I was living in New York City, a few blocks from Grand Central Terminal. In today’s current climate, I wanted to share again. Enjoy.

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When I moved to the city, something I was quick to notice was that people don’t generally hold the door for anyone. I’m not talking about guys not holding it for their dates, but strangers holding it for the poor sap that is lugging a tripod under his arm with a camera case and luggage bag in tow.

I’m not speaking from experience or anything. …

As I prepare to head out the door to jump on the Boston T and roll up to the Boston Convention Center, I wanted to share some steps I’ve been taking to make sure I’m set for success at the humongous conference that is HubSpot’s Inbound 2018. Last year over 21,000 marketing and sales professionals from around the world attended. My conservative guess is well over 25,000 this year.

You spend not only money (on the event ticket, transportation, hotel, food, etc) on attending big conferences, but your precious time as well. For most, that means stepping away from their desk for a few days or a week to focus completely on taking it all in, learning, networking and overall becoming better at what you do. Make sure you get the most out of it by doing some work upfront before the doors even open. …

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On February 19th, 1968, the first episode of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood premiered on PBS. A tweet from @RedTRaccoon this morning brought it to my attention, along with two videos of Rogers.

In the first, he is speaking to us as adults, who watched his program as children. My understanding is that this aired around the time of his final episode.

The second is him receiving his Lifetime Achievement Award at the 1997 Emmys. Especially if you grew up watching him, have your tissues ready.

Fred Rogers has been at the forefront of my mind this morning, and my wife and I discussed him over breakfast: how he got his start, his desire to provide wholesome programming for children, and the lack of a desk in his office (he felt a desk was too much of a “barrier” in an office and didn’t want one). …

I stepped off the plane, and even in the sky bridge connecting the aircraft to Las Américas Interational Airport, the air was humid. It was a vast change from the cooler, drier New England May air I was breathing just hours before. It was my first time in the Dominican Republic, but this was no luxury vacation.

My wife, a friend (Mio) and I had arrived for a week to be spent in a poor area of Barahona, a city in the western part of the island. My wife was invited to speak at a women’s conference, but we had heard there was also a school being constructed that had run out of funds. …

The Importance of Outside-the-Box Marketing

Every once in a while, a client gives us total free reign to create whatever content we want, as long as it’s engaging for their audience.

Yushin America — (@YushinAmerica) a major robotics company — gave it to us, and we gave them the fan favorite “Eddie the Robot” character.

Good things can happen when thinking outside the box, and a client who gets that is always a lot of fun to work with.

The spring of 2012 was unbearably hot in Orlando, especially when you were shoveling snow only a few days prior in the northeast. The National Plastics Exposition (NPE) is the definitive trade show for the plastics industry, and one of the largest by square footage in the Western Hemisphere. …


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