Adapting to challenges

Most people are quick to adapting to challenging stuff, as it is people’s nature to problem solve so whenever there is a challenge people tend to focus on finding a solution to it. During my time at the Andela boot camp, I have learned that there is no other way around challenges but to find a way to go through them.
I was teamed up with a new group to help each other with the week’s task, though I really enjoyed my previous group I was excited to interact with my new team and facilitator. I spent some time understanding what my project needed me to do and at last, I had a list of functionalities that my project was supposed to do by the end of the week. I decided to write them down so that it would be easier for me to manage each one of them and make sure they are all complete by week’s end.
I was tasked with developing an application to allocate people with random rooms using oop concepts in python. There were very many challenges I faced before I could come up with a working prototype of the application. I had to first learn the logic behind the oop concepts in python before I could start with implementing it.
Collaboration with my team members and facilitator played a very big role in my successful output though the time constraints were a big barrier to allowing me to commit to the goals I had planned on achieving, though I tried my best to produce the best of the little I had.
Andela boot camp has helped me acquire many skills, I feel I am a better person than I was before joining, and I am glad to have had the chance to meet all the brilliant minds that I have had a chance to interact with during the past two weeks.
I have learned to always bring my A game in everything I do because excellence is an important value in whatever task you are doing.