Boot Camp 17 Day 02:
Day 2 at the boot camp; today I woke up feeling particularly very energetic, must have been yesterday’s tasks that put the zeal in me. In the past few days, I have learned so many things that I am actually amazed at the level of my learn-ability. I felt so much confidence after tackling those exercises though I cannot say that I did not have a difficult time trying to complete them on the scheduled time but I gave it the best I could.
Working with like-minded people has been my best experience so far. I have been working closely with my fellow boot campers as we help each other with the problems we might come across and I could testify that the collaboration we have had has helped so many of us in my team. The Andela fellows have also been very helpful in offering mentorship to me, assisting me whenever I inquire from them on slack.
I have been doing version control using GitHub since day 1 at the boot camp and though I could say it was a bit difficult at first I am really getting the hang of it. Today, I did not have to try and remember when I was supposed to do what, the sequence just came naturally well I guess we could say that practice has yielded my skills in using GitHub.
The test driven development I have been doing was a new thing when I started and I am positive that I will get the hang of it in the next few days since I believe that nothing is too difficult to be done especially with a team that is always willing to help each other and facilitator who is always there when we need assistance.
To wrap it all, my experience at the boot camp has been as I had always imagined it to be, a great experience interacting with brilliant minds every day, working tirelessly all day to meet deadlines, sleeping at night thinking of how the next day’s challenges will be and wake up each morning with a bright new face and a positive mind ready to face the new day and I am loving every single day of it this far.

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