Day 03 of my python adventures

It’s Day 3 at the boot camp; I have been doing so much of python lately that I just wake up and my mind automatically jumps to thinking about python. I am feeling all positive and energetic ready to tackle the day’s challenges despite yesterday’s labs attempting to bring my spirit down but I just couldn’t let them. 
 There was this particular task on APIs that was quite a challenge for me, I was stuck on it for quite some time but with the help of my fellow boot campers through slack I was able to implement the logics of it. I could say I have gotten the gist of APIs though I am still quite a long way from people pointing at me and saying that’s the API guru but I am headed there with a little more practice.
Well, today I could say that using GitHub hasn’t been a problem as in the few previous days that have passed. Working with my team members has been my best experience so far, people are always ready to help each other whenever any of us has a problem they cannot solve. I have found this to really enhance my collaboration skills and gain more confidence as I help someone with their problem.
The past few days of the boot camp have instilled in me very valuable qualities. I have learned to manage my time pretty well since I have to try my best and submit some excellent output at the end of the day and at the set time. I have also learned that I cannot afford to be afraid to ask, there is no time for me to get afraid of asking so anything I try at most twice and cannot manage, I’ll just start shooting the question bullets.
To sum it up, these past three days have been a great learning experience with my facilitator and my team members. I have had a chance to learn from others as I share my knowledge with them which is by far the best learning method I have discovered especially having managed to acquire all the knowledge I have in the past few days considering I did not have prior knowledge in most of these things. .