Growing my mind

Grow your mind

It’s my first day at the Andela boot camp and the first thing I learn about is the different types of mindsets that people have; there are those with a fixed mindset and they believe that skill can only be acquired through knowledge or talent of that particular thing and that one can only do something if they are good at it, then there are those who have a growth mindset which lets them believe that skill is acquired through learning and anyone can do anything they set their mind on doing since skill comes from practice. 
I can’t really pride myself on always having a growth mindset but the moment I decided to apply for the Andela fellowship I knew I had to change my mentality on things, I couldn’t have the luxury of just assuming that since I don’t know how to do something I won’t do it. I had to take up a learning culture.
Before I walked into the gate I did my confidence check (almost even did my confidence dance) then I walked into the gate and saw all those people with confidence written on their faces and I felt my confidence levels lowering. 
We learned on how to do TDD, I knew nothing of TDD before we embarked, I actually didn’t quite get how to do it until I had at least two of my team members to take me through it. But now, daamn! I can really add tests on my own as I write functions for different things.
We started trained on how to use the GitHub repository which I am finding to be quite challenging since I have not had much practice on using it before. There were all these new terms I was hearing and I almost got overwhelmed by it all but I thought “Daisy, you need to keep calm this is just the first day”. Besides, I have learned the skill of growth mindset and I believe that I could learn more from the mistakes I make from using the GitHub repository since trouble is an important feedback in the learning process. The growth mindset skill I have learned will also help me keep up my confidence by not only keeping up with what I know but to always push into the unfamiliar, to make sure that I am always learning.
It is a wonderful experience to be working with all these cool people who believe that we can learn all these new things during these two weeks of the boot camp and have all the passion for becoming world-class developers.