The question of the perpetual motion machine and how I break the laws of thermodynamics to leave dead plants as unburned coal

So,energy huh?

Humans actually handle energy moderately compared to what they could have done

compared to what they could have done being the key word here,because any civilization at this point is in a mess when it comes to energy,mainly because there is no other choice for energy.Renewable energy isn’t efficient enough,and you can’t do fusion energy.So dead plants are your only option.

Or is it?

One potential energy source that has been tested since around 2000 B.C.E(and been declared as rubbish by scientists) has been more or less ignored for the past century or so as a viable energy source.

Perpetual motion,or the idea of producing energy out of can google some interesting designs if you want to,but then you will be told that none of them will work.

something like this

take 10 seconds to spot the design flaw

So,lets dive in to bankrupting oil companies for fun.

We start with a permanent magnet in the shape of a wheel, with north facing outwards and south facing inwards.Then,we place a rim around the wheel,before placing a few magnets with their north face facing the wheel at around 40 degrees.

So,when this is configured,the face magnets on the rim start repelling the wheel.and the wheel keeps on turning and turning with nothing to stop it because it runs on a force,and a force goes on forever until someone disturbs it.

When this technology is unleashed,all other sources of energy will be presumably obsolete(except maybe matter antimatter annihilation),and we will have unlimited energy for free.

Also,we would have to rework some pretty important concepts in physics because a lot of them have basis in the three laws of thermodynamics,and this just breaks two of them(because now you can create energy and can make something run forever.)