5 Best Ways To Market Your Mobile App

So you’ve just launched your new mobile app, but you’re wondering how to get people to notice and download it from the store? Here are the top 5 ways to get more app downloads. Looking for even more? Check out this mega list of app marketing strategies.

1. Create a Rich Pin on Pinterest

A Rich Pin can link directly to the App Store of your choice, so you can promote the app and send interested people to the right place to download it. Apps are just one of the six Rich Pins you can use, so if you’re interested in utilizing this awesome feature, check it out on Pinterest.

2. Use high quality screenshots

It’s no secret that great looking screenshots of the app can increase the number of downloads. Make sure your app looks its best by adding screenshots of the different areas and features. Go to launchkit.io and check it out.

3. Create a video tutorial using Facebook Live

Marketers aren’t using Facebook Live as much as they should. Video is such an effective way to introduce prospective customers to a product or service, and an app demo is the perfect way to answer questions and show value. Here’s a guide on how to get started with Facebook Live.

4. Write up a press release, and send it out to tech blogs

Don’t forget about traditional PR. Launching a mobile app is definitely a legitimate piece of news, so begin by determining the most newsworthy components to the app. This blog has information about how to write a press release for an app launch.

5. Create t-shirt designs and give them out as swag

People love free stuff, so use t-shirt design companies like Printful, Sunfrog or Teespring and hand the shirts out at local events or meetups.