5 Life Hacks Every Business Traveler Should Know About

When you have to travel for business it isn’t quite the same thing as for pleasure. You can still make it an enjoyable experience though, if you know all the right travel tips and tricks. Traveling in general can be stressful on your time, body, and internal clock. Being able to travel with ease takes some practice and finesse.

You can get there when you understand how to apply these 5 life hacks every business traveler should know about. Taking the time to do these things when you have to hop on a plane for your job can help keep you sane during the process.

1. Take Some Comforts With You

You may not relish leaving your Streeterville Luxury Apartments to stay in a sub-par Ramada in Omaha that your company is paying for, but you can take a few comforts of home with you. If you love lighting your favorite candles at home at the end of each long day, take a few with you in your carry on bag for your hotel room. Hotel spaces can sometimes feel a little cold and uninviting. By having your favorite candles on hand, you’ll be able to relax after that business convention or all day meeting with ambiance you love.

2. Handmade Travel Bags Will Make You Feel Special

If you are tired of trying to find your basic black luggage that looks like everyone else’s who’s waiting for a bag at the luggage carousel, it’s time to make yours stand out. You’ll be amazed at how much faster you’ll see handmade travel bags going around. It will save you time and make you feel special that your cool bag doesn’t look like all the rest.

3. See a Specialist If You Have Travel Pains

Those seats on airplanes are getting smaller and smaller with each passing year. So if sitting in cramped quarters for long periods of time is taking a toll on your back, see a specialist about the problem. Wellington Florida Chiropractor is one of those places which can solve your most pressing back pain. If you don’t live in the Florida area, find one that is close to you to help realign your spine, so that you aren’t suffering from traveler related back pain.

4. Bring Snacks

One of the worst parts of traveling over a long day is that airlines aren’t giving out many meals lately. They aren’t even supplying peanuts or pretzels on some flights. Don’t get “hangry”, but instead bring your own tasty snacks. It’s just that easy to throw a few things in a divided container. Bring a combination of cheese, nuts, veggies, and dried fruits for something to nosh on during your layover. It’s much better than grabbing a calorie laden Cinnabon that is going to sit like a rock in your stomach during your flight.

5. Have an Empty Refillable Water Bottle

You can’t bring actual bottles of water on a plane anymore through security. Instead of having to wait on a plane for the beverage service, carry your own empty refillable container. You’re allowed to have that in your possession going through the TSA checks. Then when you get on the plane, immediately ask one of the friendly flight attendants to fill it up for you. That way you’ll always have water to drink on the plane when you want it. It helps beat dehydration in all that dry cabin air.

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