5 Unique Ways To Spoil Yourself This Year

The phrase “spoil yourself” can have a negative connotation. In the context of raising children, we think spoiling them is bad, because they’re rewarded for doing nothing. We’re suggesting you treat yourself. Take time to recognize your own hard work and accomplishments no matter how big or small. You can do this in a variety of unique ways.

We know from the most basic behavioral psychology that rewards can reinforce behaviors. A reward system works best when done intermittently. Don’t treat yourself each week for minor accomplishments. It’s fine to give yourself something nice when you achieve goals you’ve set for yourself. It can promote self-esteem, which can affect all that you do.

Here are some ideas for unique ways of spoiling yourself.

1. See a therapist.

Most of us seek counseling only when we think there’s something wrong. However, research has shown that it can be beneficial to discuss your life with a professional even when things are going well. If you’re in the Dallas area, try some individual therapy in Fort Worth from Lake Worth Counseling.

2. Remake your environment.

You may have a gorgeous home or have been giving a lot of thought to redecorating your place. Now is the time to do it if you are looking for a unique way to spoil yourself. You can hire an interior decorator to give you a new look, or go with your own imagination. Still, you will want the best products you can get since you’re spoiling yourself. Some companies will help you gain access to home decorating items that are normally only available to professionals. These “trade only” items will set your home apart from the rest. Learn more about trade-only decorator products company ClubSally.com.

3. Upgrade your world with a “smart home.”

You may regularly get the latest in apps and games and are in line for the newest version of your favorite mobile device. Have you yet taken the plunge to digitize your entire life? The next wave of technology is to interconnect every device with a smart home. Invest in a unified system that you can control from speaking into a device. You can turn on your television, set your security system, brew coffee and even start your car.

4. Publicize yourself.

For some people, promoting your own accomplishments is just an everyday occurrence. Not everyone works hard in a job where you need to be in the public eye. Update your social media profile with a professional head shot and take time away from “liking” your friends’ vacation photos to let everyone know how well you’ve been performing.

5. Immerse yourself in a new world.

Taking a long vacation is a common way of spoiling yourself. A long trip alone may not be practical, so take time to experience a new culture in your hometown. If you’ve always wanted to go to Japan, you can eat — or learn to cook — Japanese food, learn the language, watch Japanese films and buy some unique Japanese products.

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