8 Sensational Spring Lip Trends

After many seasons of neutral lips, women are ready for a change. Color is back for lipstick in a big way. The lipstick colors being seen on the high fashion runways, in the magazines, and on the street are bold, bright colors. So set aside that barely there neutral, and splurge on some fun colors to test out this Spring. Here are the hottest trends in Spring Lipstick Colors that you are definitely going to want to grab a few tubes for yourself in these new shades.

A Bright Red

Many women are afraid to try a red lipstick. This season put your fears aside because the new cherry reds are truly wearable. They have a blue/red undertone that makes them look gorgeous on a variety of skin tones. Try a sheer formula if you are just getting used to the idea of wearing red. Then work your way up to a opaque bright tube that will get you many compliments.

Matte Shades

Sparkle many be in for the eyes, but it’s out for the lips this Spring. Shades in a wide variety of hues are more and more matte. These aren’t your mother’s flat colors though with rich berries, rosy pinks, and peachy shades being seen on the runways. Lucky for you the matte colors tend to last way longer than the regular satin formulas.

High End Lipsticks

If you think spending $50 on a tube of lipstick is high, wait until you see what Christian Louboutin has to offer with his $90 a tube color. The packaging is sensational though, and worth every penny.

Juicy Coral Colors

Call it what you want, but old school coral is back in fashion on lips. Try tangerine, peach, and even a juicy apricot shade to make your skin look as tan as possible this Spring. Pair it will an emerald green eye liner for a contrasting look that is right for any occasion.

Barely There Balm

Blame it on the Millennials who like a barely there lip shade, but more and more lip balms with a little tint are being produced by the high end cosmetics companies. So if you can stand just a little lipstick these sweetly subtle shades might be right for you.

Voluptuous Violet

Purple, purple, and more purple are the way to go on lips this season. Trying a voluptuous violet is going to make blue and green eyes shine. This look was seen on a variety of Spring color palettes, but it’s especially pleasing on the lips.

60’s Style Lips Are Back

That’s a mod lipstick style straight from the 60’s in pastel shades like pink, fuschia, or even turquoise,i if you dare. You can practically make any shade you own pastel by adding a layer of white lipstick underneath.

So Are The 90’s

Remember the brown lipstick so popular in the 90’s? Well, it’s back in a big, big way with new shades of chestnut and mahogany. In order to make this look appear more modern make sure it has more of a warm undertone to the shade. That way it won’t look so much like mud.

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