The Top Things to Consider When Looking for an Independent Living Facility for Seniors in Atlanta, Georgia

As one of the five largest cities in Georgia, Atlanta is a truly wonderful place for seniors to live out their retirement years in quiet and comfort. If you’re in the process of helping your loved one pick out the right independent living facility for such a special period in their lives, there are a number of important things you should keep in mind. No two facilities are created equal and you should never make such a pivotal and downright emotional decision without first approaching the situation from the right perspective.

It’s All About Finding the Right Fit.

Perhaps the single most important thing you need to remember when looking for an independent living for seniors is that your family member or loved one needs to be a constant part of the discussion. You could go out of your way to pay top-dollar for what is objectively considered to be the single best facility in the state and your senior could STILL be unhappy if it doesn’t fit their personality, or if it doesn’t offer them the ability to live the type of lifestyle they want to lead. But don’t just discuss this decision with your family member — make them an active participant. Welcome their input, take them on facility tours, and more. Ultimately, the choice should be theirs and theirs alone to make.

Big City Life or Quiet Comfort?

One of the unique options you’ll have to weigh when picking an independent living facility in Atlanta in particular has to do with the lifestyle offered by the city itself. Many facilities exist either very close to the downtown area or right in the heart of Atlanta itself. Picking a facility close to the city center like this would open your senior up to a world of shopping and dining opportunities, many of which might be within walking distance. However, they also have to be comfortable with the “hustle and bustle” of living in such a major city. Living right in the heart of Atlanta may not be as quiet as they’d like, but access to all of these additional amenities and points-of-interest may make up for it in their minds.

It Begins and Ends With a Single Word: Care

One of the best things about independent living facilities in Atlanta is that the area naturally gives way to a wide range of different experiences for your senior to choose from depending on their needs. The Atlanta area is famous for its enthusiasm for golf, and the Masters even comes to Augusta every year. If your senior loves to golf, you’ll find many facilities that are very close to the 500+ courses in the area and even a few that more closely resemble a country club than any senior facility you’ve visited in the past.

However, absolutely none of this means a thing if you prioritize these luxuries over the most important quality of all: the level of care being provided. There are certain questions that you need to have answers to before you begin to think about anything else. How fast will the response be if your senior has a medical emergency? What types of care does your senior need on an ongoing basis versus the types being offered by a facility? How often is your senior being monitored by support staff?

Make no mistake: care is the top thing to consider when looking for an independent living facility for seniors in Atlanta, Georgia. If you can find a facility that meets your seniors own unique needs first, you’ll find that the area has so much to offer that everything else will fall comfortably into place.

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