Why We Fail at New Year’s Resolutions.

With a new year fast approaching, we’re all thinking about the coming 365 days. We’re wondering what we can do better in 2016 that we didn’t get right in 2015. So on December 31st, a lot of us will find ourselves declaring promises. “This year, I will finally fit into my skinny jeans.” “This year, I’m going to get a new job.” “This year, I won’t procrastinate.” And typically, by mid February, we go back to our familiar patterns, only to make the same promise to ourselves on the following New Year’s Eve.

Why do we fail at New Year’s Resolutions? And, after we’ve failed why don’t we try again? Obviously we see a need to make a change in our life. It’s clear there’s room for improvement…

The answer to these questions are simple. We fail at New Year’s Resolutions because we get bored with them, and we don’t try again, because we’ve chosen the wrong type of resolution… Our resolutions typically pertain to the mundane. They make us more “responsible” adults, and are either focused on the habit forming, or the habit breaking. The problem is, our soul yearns for something greater! Somewhere inside all of us is the grandest version of ourselves just waiting to be realized, but we keep limiting ourselves; with lame goals, and the idea that we can fit the mold of what society has told us is “perfect.” Let me tell you this, you’ll never be perfect, but you can be great. You can be the type of person that changes other people’s lives. You have the ability to take your own life to the next level. You just have to change your frame of mind.

The mark of a new year is big. You had 365 sunrises that were all chances at a fresh start, and 365 sunsets for days when you didn’t quite get it right. New Years are going to keep on coming and going; to continue to waste them on the mundane would be a big mistake. You really do only get one life to live, and life is short. What difference does it make if you fit into your “skinny” jeans from 2002?!?! This year, lets take a step out of our comfort zone and do something that will rock our world.

Make a promise to yourself to truly learn who you are, what your talents are, and what your passions are. Promise yourself that through living you will discover yourself. And by “living” I mean, try new things, conquer your fears, learn new skills, travel the world, renew your faith, make new friends, and most importantly, don’t give a damn about what anybody has to say about it!

This is what I’ve resolved to do this year. I hope you’ll join me.