The Accountability Project
Sarah Nadav

and there you have it your billion dollar unicorn!

Transparency is key and I want a place where we can list and know the diversity rates of funds. (To the extent that we can get the information or self report it.) This is important not only for entrepreneurs but for investors as well. When they are putting money into VC funds, they should know how their money is being invested and who it is being invested in. If diversity is a priority for them,

Welcome to the anti Silicon Valley Luddite club, because Silicon Valley and Venture Cap’s will not be happy once people see behind their politically correct window dressing and what is really in store.

You may want to prepare for some contentious days ahead if their investors start calling them out or refusing to fund the VC funds, Silicon Valley will drop its PC facade and show its true colors.

Make sure you have a very good legal staff!

We cannot take on any more projects at the moment, due to over load of infosec projects… but you know how to contact us if there is anything we can do.

Good Luck Ladies! (Ladies = old school respect).

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