That time I had a bizarre dream: Part 1

I don’t know why, but, mostly, I have the habit of having the most convoluted dreams ever. Dreams with stories that make absolutely no sense.

Some months ago, I had a dream so weird, that it still boggles my mind to this day.

It starts with me in a school. Instead of attending the class, I’m with some friends, smoking cigarettes and doing some teenage level of fuckery, saying crap like “Hello there, you beauty”, to female students wearing skirts. We are going around this school, that is so big, it has: a running track, another school inside (yeah), a bakery, a prison (my dreams are that weird, no need to ask why) and an indoor football field with no end or roof.

So, we’re caught by inspectors and we run for our lives. Everyone else is easily caught, as I run the most. I’m caught, eventually. We go to the part of the school where the prison is.

There, we’re not jailed. Instead, we’re punished by becoming guards. There, the prisoners can provoke us by stomping on our feet, but we must stay quiet.

Then, it cuts back to me. It seems I’m escaping from the prison and from the school. I go to the bakery, presumably to buy a cake. Instead, I don’t buy the cake and I run even more. I wanted to go for a piss.

Then, I woke up. And guess what? I really needed to go for a piss. And then, I went to the bathroom and the story ends here.

What did you learn today? If, in your dreams, you need to go for a piss, WAKE UP!

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