Blues App — Social Media as a Design Thinking Platform

A personal project for a human-centered collaborative tool (non-commercial)

Blues — Call & Response

Blues is a productive social media application concept for design thinking interaction.


In Blues, music, Call & Response is a succession of two distinct phrases usually played by different musicians, where the second phrase is heard as a direct commentary on or response to the first.

Navigation Structure

Login — it uses all the security layers available and also Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram login.

Screen 01

Feed — people can post anything and can relate content with own project or general interest.

Feed Functions

Projects — you can create a new project or access existent ones (private and public). The screen shows what projects you are participating. It can be public, anyone around the world, or private for your company only.


Design Thinking — all projects follow design thinking mindset with three phases: Inspiration, Ideation & Implementation.

Navigation — Design Thinking Mindset


Choose from different methods like Interview, Project Plan, Research, Peers. In this area you can also build a team.

Choose the method

Build a Team

Here you can invite people to participate of a project or a phase. Participants can be from your company or any member of the social media.

Invite People

Messages and Updates

Messages and updates between team members or people you are following.



There are different methods for this stage as well as review live prototypes.

Profile — professional and personal information about you including current projects.

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