Trump and the Lowest Common Denominator

I cannot believe this shit is still going on. My whole life I’ve genuinely respected the blue collar worker. Even as a Republican — a moderate one, I suppose — I never thought it was ok to disrespect the guy who worked on my car/HVAC/landscaping/plumbing et al. I just assumed that the working class was an important part of our country’s fabric. I still think that, but many of them are making it a lot harder to trust them on a macro level. And for that I blame Donald Goddamn Trump.

“I love the poorly educated” he says to a cheering crowd. And we all know what he meant. It was inartful, yes, but he was signaling to the class of people who never went to college “I care about you. You don’t need no fancy learnin’ degree to be on board the Trump Train. We’ll make America great again, even if you only read at a fifth grade level.” The appeal is obvious.

Or is it? Strip away the money, the persona, and what is there of Donald Trump? There’s mostly a guy whose understanding of policy is a half step above that of the average person. He talks about the Chinese devaluing their currency in order to manipulate exports and imports. Ok, that probably sounds like a problem to the plumber who hates shopping at WalMart (but who does it anyway), but it’s patently and undeniably false. The Chinese government — through the PBOC — has been inflating their currency for years now. They’re propping up the currency. In effect, they’re doing literally the opposite of what Trump is saying. Go ahead and tell that to a Trump supporter. I’m 99% sure their response will be something like “yeah, but that doesn’t matter because at least he’s talking about China and how they’re screwing us”. Trump’s appeal, his real appeal, is that he’s basically a rich version of a sort of dumb guy. He’s the truck driver who hit the lottery and had enough sense not to burn all his money on hookers and blow, and because of that low bar he thinks he knows more than everybody else.

If you had asked me a year ago “do you think working class people are dumb?” I’d have looked at you sideways. Yeah, sure, plenty of people work labor-intensive jobs because they didn’t get an education. But I never thought it made them “dumb”. I always appreciated the guy who could work with his hands and hang drywall seamlessly. I always respected the housekeeping staff at any hotel in which I stayed because they worked hard and did so silently, in the background. The server at my favorite restaurant runs her ass off and I’m happy to tip her well for that effort. I’m also going to smile at her and be polite, even if I had a shitty day. Not until the rise of Trump did I start to question the underlying intellect and philosophy of this huge class of my fellow Americans. How have they all been conned by this huckster?

The answer is simple and wildly unpopular: he’s a vulgar loudmouth whose IQ is (I’m betting) quite average. If he’s as smart as he pretends to be he has done a wonderful job hiding it. And other than the money he’s not all that different than your average working class white person. Ted Cruz went to Princeton and then Harvard Law. One of his professors called him the brightest student he’d ever encountered. Marco Rubio is married to a goddamn (former) Miami Dolphins cheerleader. He’s the prom king. Neither Cruz nor Rubio connect with the working class because they’re light years ahead of them on so many levels. But Trump? Shit, he’s just a jackass from Queens who wants to punch out protesters and be handed power because fuck you, that’s why. That message resonates with the sort of person who pays little attention to politics, doesn’t have an ounce of understanding about policy, and feels like Washington has generally shit on them for a generation. He’s one of them. Despite his wealth the working class looks at him with aspirational eyes. They could have been him if only…

These people are being conned. Most of us know this. But “most of us” are elitist cucks who something something something white genocide something. Or at least that’s the reasoning I’ve seen on Twitter and other media. Anyone not on the Trump Train is anti-white, anti-working class, anti-whatever these assholes say we’re anti. Try to reason with them and you’re met with a range of responses, from “you’re so condescending” to “fuck you cuck faggot America has turned against the white race”. Thus far I have yet to hear a legitimate defense of Trump’s utter indifference to learning policy. Nobody has come up with a good reason why Trump is free from the basic rules of electoral politics. And yet here we are. He’s rich (sort of). He’s successful (ish). And he’s just slightly smarter than the average dumbass. So let’s make him president. Because that’s what America needs. Don’t agree? Go back to your fancy house that you bought with money you earned with your brain instead of your hands because you’re not a real man. Make America great again by alienating the educated, decent people who are outraged by the Orange Fartclown.

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