King of Wolves NFT game

The King of Wolves is a game that simulates the famous werewolf game. It is a game play to earn and free to earn, focusing on user experience, creating a strong global gaming community.

This game is a very exciting strategy battle game. Not only is the graphics beautiful, but the gameplay is exciting. Players can be randomly assigned to different identities in the game to complete the most exciting strategy battle.

Players from different countries have their own communities, entertaining at the same time, making friends easily, and romantically interacting, becoming a powerful global social platform.

There are two kinds of rooms for players to choose, free and paid rooms. In the free room, players can play games with friends and can earn AST tokens by completing tasks in each game. In the paying room, players can win generous AST tokens by betting on AST to compete with players from all over the world.

In the game, players can buy their favorite NFT equipment to show their personality, and they can buy cards with unique functions in various blind boxes that can be used in the game to help you win the game more easily.


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