PICKIN’ THE 10: Dilrose Apache

As the keeper selection deadline draws nearer let’s take a look at which guys the storied franchise Dilrose Apache should carry over into the 2017 season.

The Dilrose Apache franchise has been one of the most loyal to their players in league history. They have 6 players that have been kept since 2013, 4 players that have been kept since 2012, 3 players that have been kept since 2011, and 2 players that have been kept since 2009. Don’t let the ladies of the Charlotte-area tell you otherwise, GM Tony Hurd does not have commitment issues. He just loves keeping players, plain and simple.

Pick #1:
Paul Goldschmidt ($29.68)— Goldschmidt (or “Goldy” as he liked to be called…) is a no brainer. Less than $30 for a no doubt top 10 pick who contributes in all categories.

Pick #2
Buster Posey($15.12) — The foundation of this entire franchise since 2009. At the start of this season he is still the clear cut #1 catcher in all of the land, but that throne might be seized a slew of young backstops (Sanchez, Schwarber, Contreras) nipping at this heels.

Pick #3
Ian Kinsler($12.00) — 
2016 was a ridiculous bounce back year for this old man (34). Hard not to roll the dice again at this price, but you gotta figure he comes back down to earth with his power numbers in 2017.

Pick #4
Andrew Benintendi($8.50)-
Dilrose has to be hoping this is their franchises version of Kris Bryant. A young stud with a higher than normal initial keeper price, but at the end of the day is worth every penny. Benny is looking to slot into the Sox lineup on Opening Day and will most likely mash his way into the top 150 this year.

Pick #5
Gerrit Cole($10.58)-
In what will somehow be G-Cole’s FIFTH season with the franchise, the Dilweeds will be expecting a lot more from this ace in what will hopefully be a healthy 2017. Here’s hoping the younger arms in this Pirates rotation can keep Cole on this toes this year, otherwise he will most likely lose his #1 spot in this rotation.

Pick #6
Jacob Degrom($15.13) — 
Dilrose has another young (but slightly more expensive) arm here. And again, another guy who had a down 2016 and is looking to 2017 to right his ship. You could argue that Dilrose might be better off throwing Degrom back to the free agent pile this year as his keeper price isn’t much different from what he would most likely go for on the open market.

Pick #7
AJ Ramos($4.00)-
Hard to argue with this price for a guy that will probably occupy the closer spot for the Marlins for a majority of the year with decent counting ratios.

OK, this is where it gets interesting. The Dilweed’s are currently sitting at a total of $95.01, which means they have $14.99 to spend on at least 3 more players. They could go a few routes in this case, but one route I think we all know this franchise won’t be taking is keeping another one of their franchise stalwarts Andrew McCutchen (who has a 2017 salary of $25.51). Even though the franchise has stated this is the path they are still taking, I think we can all agree it just doesn’t make sense for them at this time:

At the draft this year, The League will say farewell to one of the longest contracts in league history as Dilweed Apache transitions into a new chapter of their franchise.

To round out the remaining three keepers, we feel like you could throw a dart at any of the remaining players as they all kind of stink. But for completeness sake here they are:

Pick #8
Nick Castellanos ($1.30) — 
Did we mention that GM Tony Hurd was loyal? This will be the 4th year in a row the franchise rolls the dice on this lame duck.

Pick #9
Jose Quintana ($6.75) — 
Despite what I said above, this is a guy that definitely does not stink. He’s quietly one of the better arms in the AL, and the front of the White Sox rotation is all his for now (until Rodon figures it all out). I just feel like his price and keeper value ain’t nothin to write home about considering how much talented arms will be available come draft day.

Pick #10
Shelby Miller ($2.67) — 
Back for his SEVENTH season with the franchise!

That’s 10 guys we’ve picked for a grand total of $105.73.

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