How to change your perspective of time and be more efficient

Have you ever wondered about our life span being short? I mean real short — of just one day — 24 Hours — 1,440 minutes — 86,400 seconds.

What difference does that make ?

Will you be doing anything different than what you are doing right now ?

Mayfly goes through the same stage, where the adult life cycle of a mayfly is just one day, which means it has to learn about life, appreciate the beauty of nature, update it’s Facebook status, get into a relationship and finally say goodbye to all of it in JUST 24 hours

What do we do in 24 hours on a daily basis? May be we don’t consider it to be an absolute metric; we make new year resolutions that allow 365*24 hours to make amends. Why don’t we just give ourselves one month or just one day to achieve something. Why don’t we limit our action time to 1 hour to get things done?

Assuming that we have an average of 60 years to spend, we are 60*365 times richer in time than a Mayfly. We need not hurry as we have all the time on earth! Wait… do we?

Ever tried of learning a new skill, planning a solo trip, making new friends, getting out of your comfort zone and at last gave up on it because you are falling short of time? Happens all the time?

If you look closely, it’s not the availability of time that stops you, it’s the perspective of availability and the effectiveness of your actions that matter the most. Let us talk them out in detail.


Every process can be made more efficient only when it’s tracked, analysed and optimized. Don’t you think it’s a worthwhile pursuit to track down your most scarce and precious resource, your time, to every single second? Or are you just content with being carried away by the flow of time?

What if you wake up one day and realize that that’s the last day of your life; will you be living it the same as today?

Will you be wasting your time in endless meetings with no conclusions? Will you be debating about the President’s hair? Will you be dwelling on things that make you feel bad? If it was your last day, will you be fighting with your loved ones over minutiae? Will you be just chatting with your imaginary pal while your loved one is sitting right next to you?

Or will you be holding her so close that you can feel the depth of her eyes? Will your last hug be so intense that you experience the sense of touch like never before? Then why not make that happen everyday? What makes you think that today isn’t your last day? As a matter of fact, today is you last today! You can possibly retrieve anything in life but not the second that just passed. Hmm.. I see you nodding.

“How can you achieve your 10 year plan in next 6 months “ — Peter Theil

To make the most out of every second available, start tracking it. Only then can we make sense of our time and outcome of our actions. Ever tracked how many 30 min segments you get to dedicate for uninterrupted work in the office? (Be amazed!)

Once you start tracking time, you will be surprised to see how time just melts on non-productive actions and you actually need very little time to complete the actions. We keep complaining about not having enough time to do a lot of things in life that we intend to. Turn off the social media and news, you will be puzzled what to do with all the time that’s left.

Ever thought of how you got addicted to all the not-so-productive things in life? It’s pretty simple actually. One day you were left with 10 min to kill, then you thought of browsing something new, that’s when you stumbled upon the super-fun social website, you made it a point to visit it everyday and to your misery, found no time to do other meaningful things in life — the ones that actually matter. If you look closely at the pattern.

Short time spends → Habits → Long time spends → Addiction.

It’s interesting to see why the above pattern is more effective for wasting time (browsing Facebook) than for utilizing it (hitting the treadmill)? On the other side of your serene Facebook wall sits a huge army working on every single pixel to make sure that they get all your time that translates into money. On the other hand, in the case of hitting the gym, there is no motivation for the same and beyond that, you have to push yourself so hard for every rep you do. We are more inclined to go back to our comfort zone so that we need not break a sweat.

We are humans and evolution didn’t simply happen because we lied down in our couches to Netflix and chill! We all know what hard work brings us.

How much time do you invest in yourself for a new skill or trying out something new that makes you stretch beyond your comfort zone? Why not dedicate just 1800 sec of your today in that direction? (The pattern of habits works just fine for this too!)


When you plan to start something, this is how most of the time is spent

  1. Plan to accomplish something today, look around for inspiration, start looking up the internet for resources that might help, come across something intriguing but remotely relevant, dig deeper and then realize that the entire day is gone.
  2. Plan to do it at 3:00 as it is 2:43 now— apparently humans have a thing for round figures. Start browsing and then at 3:03 you realize that you were supposed to start something at 3:00; postpone it to 4:00 as the affinity for round figures still prevails. Repeat!
  3. Think of doing all the awesome things over the weekend as you were tired during the weekdays; sleep all day over the weekend as you were tired during the weekdays.
  4. Insert your own reasons here…!

I have been practicing a 2-minute technique for quite sometime which in brief goes this way— if something takes just 2 minutes to accomplish, then do it right away; if a new habit takes more than 2 minutes, then do at least 2 minutes of it right now to break the inertia of laziness and praise Newton!

It’s surprising how many things we put off that we could get done in two minutes or less. For example, washing your dishes immediately after your meal, tossing the laundry in the washing machine, taking out the garbage, cleaning up clutter, sending that email, and so on.
If a task takes less than two minutes to complete, then follow the rule and do it right now. — David Allen’s bestselling book, Getting Things Done.

“The trouble is, you think you have time.” ― Jack Kornfield

Well, you don’t! Time is limited and the most precious of all things you value. The day you realize this won’t be the same as today and things won’t be the same as before, imagine every second as an enormous amount of opportunity you were waiting for years to come and start walking towards the opportunity one second at a time and one day it’ll lead straight to it’s door and guess what, the doors will be opened!


  1. Start tracking time — I mean every second
  2. Make the most out of every second possible
  3. Walk away from toxic people

4. If something is not worth your time, say NO

5. Cats are cute and we all know that, you need not like every cat photo to prove the point

6. Get out of your comfort zone and be amazed

7. If afraid to take a new step say “YOLO” (You Only Live Once) and jump

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