Booking the Wyatts up till Wrestlemania.

The loss to ‘The Titans’ at Fastlane was a bit baffling. The Wyatt’s, an established group lost to this bizarre mix of Kane, Big Show, and Ryback. And In the case of Big Show and Kane they haven’t won a match in ages. And Ryback has already come out on the losing end of a fight against Bray. There seemed to be no reason to hand the Wyatt’s another loss. A stable of what are quite frankly monstrous human beings is beginning to look weaker and weaker by the day, and it’s not like anyone is really getting over because of it. So, following on that defeat at Fast Lane, here is how I would book the Wyatt’s leading in to Wrestlemania.

This is going to be a feud whose intent is to ‘trim the fat’ of the Wyatt family, so to speak. I am reffering to Erik Rowan, who has always been the weak link of the stable, both in and out of story. By the time Wrestlemania is over, the goal is to cut Rowan from the Group while giving him one last good angle with it, and to start to give the Wyatt’s more momentum going forward, all while showing the strong bond the Wyatt’s have as a stable.

Raw After Fastlane:

The Wyatt’s come out, and Bray makes a bit if a cryptic promo as usual, but this time it’s in relation to his family. Eric Rowan seems visibly very frustrated and angry, and ends up walking out ahead before the rest of the Family.

Smack down 02/26

Tonight Bray comes out alone, and calls for Erik Rowan to join him in the ring. Bray tells Rowan he understands he is upset, but promises him one day he will have his time to shine. He is part of the Wyatt Family, and Bray promises to look after his own. This is not going to be a disingenuous promo from Bray, and he’s going to mean what he says to Row

Raw 02/29

On the card tonight is a Tag Match set for Erik Rowan and Luke Harper to face off against Mark Henry and Jack Swagger, because that’s a team that exists, has won a few matches, one of which people actually saw on a Pay Per View, but ultimately neither Wrestler is all that relevant right now, and I don’t want to drag in more people then need be. Luke Harper is going strong for when he’s in the match, not having much issue handling Jack Swagger, and even managing to go with Mark Henry. Though since he’s still only one man, he tags in Rowan (Presumably Bray is still at ring side directing them as usual), but Rowan ends up getting caught by Mark Henry in some form or another. Henry takes out Luke at Ring Side, Tag’s in swagger, and the match ends with Rowan tapping to an Ankle Lock.

Smackdown 03/03

Once again, Bray calls for Erik Rowan to meet him in the Ring. Unable to calm him down a second time, Erik Rowan plants Bray Wyatt with a Full Nelson Slam and leaves the Ring.

Raw 03/07

This time on Raw, Bray comes out alone again, and the announcers recap Erik Rowan from the previous week. He asks one more time to see Erik Rowan. Rowan comes out, though now with his own music and no longer wearing the white sheep mask. Bray tells Rowan that he still considers Rowan his second son, and he doesn’t wish to fight Rowan. Rowan says he joind Bray Wyatt because he felt Bray wanted to help make something of him, but after all this time he is still the weak link. Bray’s teachings have done nothing for him. Bray says he can only do so much for Rowan, the rest is going to be up to him. Frustrated, Rowan leaves the ring and comes back in with a chair.

Bray drops the Mic and shakes his head, asking Rowan not to do this, that he isn’t going to fight his son. Rowan then starts to hammer away on a Bray Wyatt who refuses to fight back. The whole time he is trying to talk Rowan down, but to no Avail.

Luke Harper hits Ring Side, but Bray tells him not to enter. After a few more chair shots, Harper enters anyway and chases off Rowan, who gets away unscathed.

Smackdown 03/10

We see two different matches booked on Smack down. Erik Rowan Vs. Adam Rose, and Luke Harper Vs. Jack Swagger. Luke Harper is accompanied to Ring Side by Brawn, though wins his match clean without interference.

At the start of Erik’s match, Bray Wyatt comes out. The other three members of Social Outcasts avoid interfering with the match thanks to Bray, and Rowan wins his match, glaring at Bray afterwords before leaving.

Raw 03/14

This time it is Rowan who calls Bray to the ring. Bray comes alone, and Rowan makes it clear that in no uncertain terms, he is through with Bray Wyatt and his clan. He declares that after Bray insisted on coming to his aid on Smackdown, he will go out of his way to put Bray down for all the wasted years he dedicated to him, ending with the line ‘Anyone but you Bray. Anyone but you.’ and hit’s the Full Nelson Slam.

Once more Luke Harper hit’s the ring, this time with Brawn trailing behind. Rowan manages to slip out once again.

Smackdown 03/17

Luke Harper is set to go one on one with Ryback. As Harper is about to win, Rowan comes out and causes a distraction, causing Harper to walk right into a Meat Hook and a Shell Shock. Once again Rowan escapes Brawn Strowman and he remains unharmed.

Raw 03/21

Rowan issues a challenge to Ryback, and manages to get the pinfall after a Full Neslon Slam. He grabs a Microphone declaring he was truly the favored son of the Wyatt’s, and is going to surpass them all now that he is free of Bray’s shackles. Finally Harper comes out, and this time catches Rowan and put’s him down with a Discuss Clothesline.

Later that night, Big Show comes to the ring. He has himself a good laugh, watching as the Wyatt Family is having their infighting, mocking their bonds and having a good old time watching their fall since he beat them back at Fast Lane. Bray Wyatt and Brawn Strowman comes out, talking about how someone like Big Show could never understand the bonds of a family, and how he has never been loyal to anyone he has known for long. Kane’s Music hits.

Kane comes out, telling Bray he should have just stayed down in hell, but now that he’s back he will gladly put Bray and his family their again, this time for good. A fight breaks out, and Bray and Strowman are left standing in the ring.

Smackdown 03/24

Both Harper and Rowan are booked in separate singles matches on Smackdown, each against a different member of The Social Outcasts. Rowan wins in spite of interference, and Harper wins his match clean with Bray and Strowman keeping the reaming Outcasts from interfering in the match.

Raw 03/28

It is announced on Raw that Two matches will be added to the Wrestlemania Card. A short match, and not really the big draw, we see Bray Wyatt and Brawn Stroman set to square off in the Pre-show against Big Show and Kane. The other is set to be Luke Harper Vs. Erik Rowan.

The Wyatt’s come out, Harper tells Bray he knows how Bray Feels, but Harper isn’t going to let Rowan off the hook for this, and asks that Bray stay out of this fight, and promises not to let him down. Bray smiles and wishes Harper luck (In whatever strange way Bray would do this.)

Rowans music hit’s. He stays on the ramp, and says he doesn’t plan to just beat Harper, he is planning to end him. He is going to break and destroy the First Son of the Wyatt’s at Wrestelmania, The Match is announced to be No disqualification.

Smackdown 03/31

All the build is done, so there really isn’t anything on this fued going in to Smackdown.


The Preshow begins, and the match goes mostly one sided in favor of The Wyatt Family, ending with Bray pinning Big Show for the win. Now, I know there is some issues with 50/50 booking with WWE, but one of the whole premises of this build is Rowan was always the weak link in the Wyatt Family. Take him out of the picture, something Bray didn’t wish to do to his own family, a fair fight is now in their favor. Also this fight goes on the Pre-show, because to be honest it’s just kind of a quick blow off. We want the remaining members looking strong, but this really isn’t the match people are going to care to much about, so the Pre-Show is a good spot to have it.

The No DQ match with Harper and Rowan doesn’t need to be long, because right off the back the weapons start coming out. These guys start off going hard on each other. No back stage, no one is running, Harper and Rowan just beat the ever loving crap out of each other. The match ends with Luke Harper coming out the winner.

Now from here we can go a few different ways. The way I would have this go is this will be the last we see of Erik Rowan. Honestly he was always the weak link for the Wyatt’s, not just the guy who usually takes the pin, but the least interesting of the bunch. They could keep him going as a singles, but either way he gets a feud build and blown off at Wrestle mania, so even if he goes back to Indies after this he’s going to have some value in him.

More so, we begin to see the Wyatt’s come out with a good number of wins under Harpers belt the past month, and all three of them coming out Victorious at Wrestle mania. Considering it was all internal drama, while the Wyatt’s were the faces in this feud, it would still be very easy to keep pushing them as heels from hear on out considering

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