12 BIG IDEAS from Game Design You Should Know
Christina Wodtke

I really enjoyed reading this survey of Trailheads in Game Design. Thank you! There is one puzzle to solve, as to why there are 2 number 8’s, but maybe the second number 8 should be a 6 in the subcategorization under number 10. (You will have to go back and see what I mean while you still can).

Numbers are so great, this reminds me of something I encountered a couple months ago on the winter beach. I was walking along and saw a blue sieve abandoned in the sand (Made in China). “Sieve of Eratosthenes”, my numeric-addled brain echoed senselessly. I took a photograph and went out to a party. Across the street and over one house was a home that displayed in their front yard what I later learned (when I read about Eratosthenes on wikipedia) was an armillary sphere lawn ornament.

Where in the world is Eratosthenes?

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