The Top 15 Posts from 2014

I’m proud to report that 2014 was the most successful year ever for The Military Leader!!! …Ok, fine. If you want to split hairs, yes…2014 was also the first year for The Military Leader website and social media platform. Still, it’s been an amazing journey since the first post on March 24, 2014, which basically said, “Welcome to The Military Leader. Be sure to ‘Like’ me on Facebook!

Since then, you (a community of engaged leaders) have grown from zero to almost 3,000 and have accessed the site’s content over 90,000 times! Truly remarkable! And here are the 15 posts that gained the most traffic this year, with a few insights following the list.

Top 15 Posts of 2014

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9 Misguided Reasons to go to SOF Selection

Lieutenant Lessons…Continued

Sleep that Sabotages Leadership

Why “It Is What It Is” is a Stupid Phrase

A Career of “Career-Ending” Jobs — Eisenhower’s Wavy Path to Success

How To Survive a Shrinking Army

How to Build a Team of “Yes Men”

3 Traits That Will Get You Fired

You Are Being Watched — A Lesson in Example

12 Things Good Bosses Believe (#12)

A Simple Observation About Great Leaders

11 Keyboard Shortcuts You Must Learn

General Mark Welsh Gives “Intensely Personal” View of Combat

What It Means

Scanning this list and from watching the content spread through social media, I can make a few observations about how people engaged with the posts:

An Invitation

One area of The Military Leader I’d like to see expand are the Guest Posts. I know that leaders out there have some insightful thoughts to share, but most don’t think they have the time to write. I challenge you to give it a shot. 500 words isn’t hard to write when you’re talking about leadership, or team building, or training.

If you’d like to publish on The Military Leader, please check out the Guest Posting Guidelines.

On to 2015!

2014 has been a year of exciting engagement and professional growth. I can’t wait to see what 2015 will bring on The Military Leader! Thanks for being a part of it!

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Originally published at on December 29, 2014.