God is credited during services for everything good that happens but just couldn’t be there for those who were unfortunate.
An Atheist’s Epiphany About God
Mike Fraietta

As a Christian I do not believe you insulted anyone or God. The vocal Churches and rousing sermons have a tendency to have survivorship bias. I like to think of God in a similar manner as our understanding of physics. There are some laws that we’ve empirically derived but there are a few things like dark matter that cannot be explained because we don’t have the full picture. I don’t think we ever will and that personally makes the existence of God compelling. If infinity exists what do you call the entity that orchestrates, originally initiated, or comprehends the probabilistic outcomes we see each day? Some call it randomness others call it God. I believe God is utilized more than naught because our connection to him tends to be accompanied with a certain level of perceived control of infinity.

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