Introducing The Weekly Remiix — #1

Happy New Year! If you are reading this you are an early-adopter! Thanks for your interest.

Updates to what I’m working on along with ponderings on how the world is working.

Happy New Year! If you are reading this you are an early-adopter! Thanks for your interest.

🤣 Project Updates

So is LIVE! We live baby! Lol it only took me forever to build. It’s a project site where I will update what I’m working on. They say form follows function. There are various areas I would like to improve and complete projects in this year. They include Augmented Reality , 3D Design, Music Production, and Writing, hence the various categories on the website. But you’re thinking “THERE AIN’T NOTHING TO SEE ON THAT DINKY POORLY COLOURED WEBSITE MADE WITH A 3RD GRADER COLOUR PALETTE”. Or maybe you weren’t. Either way this is true to an extent. I believe the scaffolding of the website will improve iteratively with the introduction of more projects. There will be more awesome projects here to view! But, if you do have critical qualms, quips, or suggestions please do send them my way!


First-mover advantage is overrated. Ideas < Execution. There is nothing new under the sun. underscores and envelopes this thinking. There is no doubt our ideas have been said before, but our experiences and approaches can put a spin on, mix, match, and augment previous ideas to create awesomeness. is a documentation of that process :) .

🧠 Thoughts

“Launching” this site in its MVP form has made me think more about external vs internal motivation. Last year I tried a dieting challenge where I paid my sisters if I defaulted from a prescribed list of food choices. I am a couple dollars less rich because I love food. In a similar way announcing that this website was “coming” increased my motivation to complete it. It didn’t really matter that there are virtually no subscribers (yet). I wonder what other cognitive considerations I can outsource that don’t have negative side effects like over dependency. Also many mission driven companies and organizations are fundamentally externally driven, with the internal motivation only becoming realized after an individual or group is actually helped. However when I look at the greats, the Kobes, Jordans, Jobs it seems as though their greatness was driven by deep internal convictions. For them, we, the external world, were the scenery that just happened to be along the path of their journey to best themselves.

🔥You gotta see this🔥

Bruno Mars — Finesse (Remix) [Feat. Cardi B] [Official Video] — YouTube

BRUNO X CARDI B — “Finesse”

This video was straight vibes and an instant classic. It’s gonna be one of the fastest to a billion views.

Meltdown & Spectre

Intel/the processor industry messed up big time. When I heard about these flaws, I was reminded the number of times last year a hack was superseded by something worse. See Equifax. Our privacy is degrading guys and gals, or what’s left of the bubble of belief that it was ever safe.

Here we have a juxtaposition. 45 million + people are chillin, drippin in finesse, while their 100 of millions of devices literally have the capacity to drip out their info to any determined intruder. It seems as though privacy doesn’t matter as much if you can still experience the joys of life and Youtube videos.

Consider this 👁‍🗨

It’s a new year. Is it a new you? Or are you gradually incrementing towards your best self? What are your goals for this year? Are these goals internally or externally motivated? These questions are rhetorically useful, but I’d love to read your response.