The Weekly Remiix — Self Doubt & Ambition — Issue #2

Happy (late) MLKJr Day! I know it passed but I’ve been thinking about the significance of his efforts and what he represented. What would it take for another person in our modern day to get their own national holiday? What freedoms do we have today that are legally concrete but poorly applied?

🤣 Project Updates

So last week I talked about 3D Design, Music, and Writing. However I did not create shareable outcomes for the first two. Bummer. JK. I made this. I’m writing this so that’s covered. I did set up and play with my new looping machine for guitar (a lot). What do I plan on working on next in the other two genres? I’ll keep the first one under-wraps until next week when actual progress had been made. For music my goal is to create a new song each week. Ambitious, yes. Maybe not ambitious enough. Kanye made 5 beats for 3 summers so ……

🤔 Thoughts

This week I’m reading The Evolution of Everything by Matt Ridley. It really is as the title portrays it. There’s a chapter on the evolution of technology, religion, technology, government, economics, and many more. It’s a fascinating read with lots of history, insights, and references to Lucretius. The fact that he is able to apply the theory to so many different categories shows the strength of the writer and the validity of the theory.

After a few chapters though, I started thinking, “There’s no way one theory would apply perfectly to all these subjects as a replicable model for their behavior. There has to be a limit to where evolution applies. There are many reasons for me thinking this. First of all, I have the Christianity bias. My experience as a Christian tends to create friction when the thought of evolution comes up. In fact, throughout the book Ridley insults creative design and creationism. There is a question that runs throughout all religion’s and christians’ lives. How do you balance fact and faith? This is where his ability to explain everything does not acknowledge that there is the unknown. To me, God exists most convincingly where humanity has yet to understand.

Another reason I doubted the application of his theory is due to my own experience. Have you ever come across an idea, a philosophy, or a theory and found it to be amazing? Suddenly, as you scroll through life, you continue to find evidences of that theory “in practice”. It is confirmation bias, where the ideas that flow through your hemisphere of life have a tendency to repeat themselves. Others call it the filter bubble. But you know that there is something missing, something more to your idea or observation that you have to see.

Recently I learned about the Johari window. This feeling of self-doubt exist squarely in the externally known-internally unknown and unknown unknown regions. The best moment is when you find someone rational who can pop your bubble effectively, freeing you to grow your theory taking into account the nuances of newly examined realities. What is the edge of application for evolution? I’m not done with the book, but I doubt Ridley comes to a conclusion where evolution does not apply.

🔥You gotta see this🔥

“Release you inhibitions feel the rain your your skin” I lowkey thought that verse was “release your ambitions”. Either way it works. This video WERKS! I think about this video at least once a month, and it took me forever to find it again. I love it because of how it manages to take a very “boring” subject and dress it in science fiction. The spaceship that was sent was very visionary, but they were able to talk about the long term significance of the fantastic voyage. We rarely think about how our small everyday actions can have huge long term effects. Beyond the importance in time, I really enjoy their take on future tech. The focus is not on tech at all. The focus is on the human connection, struggle, and persistence. The tech is invisible yet fully within the mentor and mentee’s control. I look forward to the day when we can control stuff like . I think it's crazy that this could one day happen. I think it's crazier to think that it won’t.

I am also really interested about the concept from a purely technical standpoint. How were they controlling the stuff? There is this vague sense that they have control of water and atoms. If you look closely at their hands you’ll see marks. Are they even human still, or enhanced? Were they enhanced at birth, or were these capabilities strapped on? Also you can see the difference in levels between the mentor and mentee’s hand knuckles/gloves thing a ma jiggy. So, I’m assuming the tech straps into their neuro system and can perceive intent. Not too far from what we are currently trying to do. I also appreciate how the girl focuses on the need to try again. Plot twist — is this even happening in real life? I was thinking that the way they were interacting with the world suggests the world itself must just be a training ground. Maybe we are watching a simulation training session. Regardless I could riff on the possibilities of what’s going on in the video for a while. I just really like it and appreciate the European Space Agency’s willingness to engage people with science research on a new level. I believe if we want science to be more accessible to the kids we are going to have to play dirty in this unfair fight. Hollywood level production and plots will invigorate the masses. This video reminds me that any idea can be elevated with the right story.

Consider this 👁‍🗨

I had a leadership training session this week where we had to evaluate what type of leader we are. In their framework there are Directing, Team-oriented, Operational, and Strategic leaders. Beyond learning that I’m a strategic leader, I realized I rarely assess myself on an emotional, mental progress basis. Do you? And if so, how do you keep track and what questions have been most valuable to ask yourself?