$100 Worth Of Game Development Software For $9.99 (7days Left)

It’s been a while since we talked video game production! Today in the spotlight is going to be Axis Game Factory or rather AGFPRO.

AGFPRO is a game development engine/platform that easily allows beginners to develop and construct levels in no time. AGFPRO also allows for special add on software, meaning, to design more advanced functions of gameplay you would have to download Axis Game Factories Add on software that would work in conjunction with the type of game you are developing.

AGFPRO Comes in both a Basic and Advanced software version. Of course the advanced version allows for more detailed content creation and game customization tools, but with either the user is able to create everything from RPG Games to First Person Shooter games. The software comes pre stocked with over 1k in game assets, 48 pre-set themes and several sample maps (of course you can create your own).

Another great function is that the software allows for your games to be imported into UNITY free or pro version, further allowing you to push the limits of your game by adding even more advanced functions and enabling you to have even more publishing outlets. Otherwise, AGFPRO can publish to Steam, Linux, Mac and Windows.

The basic version normally goes for around $20 and the advanced version around $100. However, for the next 7 days on the Boing Boing store they are offering an AGFPRO Bundle for only $9.99!!!!!

The Bundle includes AGFPRO 3.0, Voxel Sculpt, Drone Kombat for FPS Multiplayer, Zombie FPS Player, Fantasy Side-Scroller Player and Battle-Mat Multiplayer. Click the link up top to learn more about AGFPRO and it’s add-ons or click the Boing Boing link to go ahead and start developing!

Originally published at The Rantula.

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