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Have you ever wanted real SuperPowers!?!? I joke, but seriously, lets talk about game development with SuperPowers. SuperPowers is an Open Source 2D/3D game development engine for teams.


SuperPowers is developed specifically for game development teams. The software server allows users to add team members for easy and seamless collaboration. This is a great asset for teams of two or more and makes it easier for the team to focus on getting work done and less on scheduling meet-ups/making sure everyone has updated files.

Powered By Typescript

The engine is powered by Typescript and is the perfect tool for those who know HTML5 game development. The built in editor allows users and teams to easily edit code. The Typescript editor is powerful and allows for syntax highlighting, autocompletion, live error reports and lot more.

Don’t let “HTML5” scare you off. Although the games are built with HTML coding, the main export focus is for Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS and Android. This makes it the perfect engine for game-app (iOs & Android) production.

Built In Assets

Let’s not forget to mention the built in assets store to help get users started. This is a big deal. Many 2D/3D game-app engines do not come with a built in free assets store. So you can make your own and share, scower the internet for free assets or even use the built in assets.

SuperPowers is yet another great free tool to help aspiring game developers and indie studios get started! Click on the image above to visit their page! Want to see what the engine can do? Be sure to visit their demo game which shows the engines power and explains all the functions of SuperPowers.

Happy developing! Don’t forget to share your thoughts below!

Originally published at The Rantula.

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