Visual Effects And Motion Graphics With Fusion 8

Visual effects and motion graphics
Fusion 8

Visual Effect Design

A Designer is only as powerful as the range of software they have at their disposal. If you are a visual graphics and motion graphics designer (or are aspiring to be one) then you would need to choose a software and start practicing/learning. Fortunately, Fusion 8.2 is a high end motion graphics software that is currently free to download.

Fusion 8.2

Fusion 8 is an advanced compositing software for visual effects and motion graphics artists. The software works off of a “node” based system allowing users to easily set up effects and events. The software can be used on everything from films to broadcast media and commercials.


By using Nodes the user is able to quickly connect different effects simultaneously. There are an unlimited amount of nodes that you can connect for better visual effects. Nodes help to create a better visual effect management tool. Most compositing softwares available use a timeline effects tool. This would make the task of editing your effects more tedious. All you have to do in this case is change the specific nodes effect.

3D Graphics

You also have the ability to import 3D Models. Fusion 8 allows artists to paint their models in realtime as well as adding particle systems and motion graphics to the scene. It also allows for the creation and editing of animated text flow. The software doesn’t only stop at being used for commercials and such. You also have the ability to import 3D rendered scenes and create completely animated scenes.

The basic version of Fusion 8 is available for FREE on Windows, Mac and Linux! The basic version allows for everything a single user would need. The paid version adds optical flow image analysis tools and the ability to install third party plug-ins. Click the link up top to download your free copy or even to find out more about the software itself.

Originally published at The Rantula.

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