Jimmy Dore Just Put His Foot So Far Up WaPo’s Ass It Came Out Mike Pompeo’s Mouth
Caitlin Johnstone

Right on, Jimmy. We need to force the Washington Post and their shit reporters like Weigel to give us a concise definition of “Fake News.” There is no manner to do so that simply entails factual reporting/emphasis on corrections/full disclosure of conflicts of interest that would not put the Washington Post into the category of Fake News. Right now, the only thing “Fake News” means (when it comes from traditional media) is news that doesn’t slavishly promote ideology within the narrow neoliberal/neoconservative Overton window.

A second point: while there are news sources that are far worse than the Washington Post, e.g. breitbart and thedailynewsbin, most people consider these to be strongly biased and poorly supported, while WaPo is considered to be factually supported and objective. This, along with the big reach of the Washington Post, makes their not-quite-as-bad reporting *far* more destructive, because a lot of people don’t know it’s misleading/unobjective.