For Peaceful and Green Environment Visit European Country Latvia

For a lifetime memorable journey — Latvia is one of the most famous European destinations. Latvia offers you travel satisfaction and you would just not want to return from the country. Here are some of the Latvia’s best visiting spots: The Venta Waterfall, Aglona Basilica, Cape Kolka, Gutmans Cave, Liepāja, Ventspils, Jelgava etc.

Check out some of the famous Latvian destinations photographs and you can understand why to visit Latvia:

The Venta Waterfall:

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Cape Kolka:

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Gutmans Cave:

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Beautiful images, aren’t they? Above images show how peaceful and natural environment you are going to have in Latvia. In today’ era of urbanization, very few are the places which have these much greenery like Latvia and many European countries. Peaceful environments are sometimes the best time spent with family and friends. People also believe to spend time alone in green and natural environment, it helps to find their inner self.

Travel Latvia and cities around the capital city Riga. Cheap car hire in Riga is the most convenient option to enjoy all destinations around Riga city. From Riga you can hire a car for many places like town of Bauska, Jūrmala, Sigulda (Gauja National Park), Salaspils, Ķemeri National Park, Rundāle Palace and Cēsis.

Latvia has Riga, a capital city which has a lot to offer beautiful architecture and history, popular day trips, Latvian traditional meals, raw nature, shopping, and place for active holidays. Riga is also known as CULTURE CAPITAL OF THE BALTICS! If you have interest or curiosity and want to enjoy Baltic states culture, you should visit Riga.