What is Symfony Web Application Development and What are the Benefits?

Symfony web development is a framework of PHP which supports Model View Controller model. It is an open source framework, available freely to work with. It comprises of a set of PHP elements, a framework for web application, a philosophy and a Symfony community; working in sync with each other.

The Symfony framework is a popular PHP framework to build websites and develop web applications. This is created using Symfony components which are decoupled components that are reusable and on which many different PHP applications can be built including PHPBB, eZPublish and Drupal.

The Symfony development philosophy avers embracing and promotion of professionalism. It encourages the best development practices and standardization and internal operability of web applications. This philosophy is further spread by the vast Symfony community dedicated to the growth of PHP.

Symfony is truly an amazing PHP framework that is quite exploited by both businesses and developers alike and there are perfect reasons for that which are as follows.

Benefits for Businesses
Symfony framework is one of the foremost choice for any business. Being amenable with most platforms, methods, libraries and infrastructure, Symfony delivers such projects that you can be assured of maintaining for a long time. Businesses which have begun using this CMS system have noted that it has enhanced the quality of the applications that they are using and also the apps that are produced have become much more compliant to the changing business scenario as a result of its codes being reusable and testable.

Moreover, making use of Symfony can be quite advantageous to a software development company and that too free of cost since it is an open source platform. The only thing to take care of is to set up PHP5.

Benefits for Developers
 Symfony framework lets developers to create codes that are more testable and reusable, thus saving their time. It is due to its adherence to MVC module and stringent object oriented language.

Its configuration is easy too since the developer has only got to configure certain things for the application. Symfony consists of a wide array of command line tools that are extremely useful with project development and management. With it you can create a plug-in while adding a feature to the website which can come in handy for any other project too, thus saves the programmer much time. Also it has an immensely able cache system thus is very beneficial while attempting at a complex web application.