Building partnerships for change through shared value: Break Dengue named “Most Impactful Emerging Initiative”

The Synergist
Mar 29, 2015 · 2 min read

On Tuesday this week, Break Dengue was awarded “Most Impactful Emerging Initiative” at the eyeforpharma Barcelona Awards. Break Dengue was one of 29 entries in the category, and received the honours “following a unanimous vote by the panel of international industry experts and patient advocates,” according to the eyeforpharma press release.

This is an incredible endorsement from industry and patient representatives for the model we have been building of a collaborative partnership founded on the principles of shared value.

Paul Simms, Chairman of eyeforpharma, commented at the award ceremony: “Break Dengue is the perfect example of identifying a need for something bigger in the fight for disease awareness; and demonstrates an ideal model which could be replicated for so many other diseases across the globe”.

From the onset, Break Dengue — a non-profit initiative founded by The Synergist, with seed funding from Sanofi Pasteur and additional sponsorship from Bayer CropScience — was created with the conviction that a large public health and societal issue such as dengue fever cannot be addressed in isolation, and that only a collaborative approach — taking into account all stakeholders — could bring about change. This is one of the founding principles of The Synergist, and a key to creating shared value for society as well as our partners.

“What makes Break Dengue unique is the unprecedented level of partnership; coming together as one to fight against a disease against which no prevention or cure currently exists”, said Paul Simms in the press release.

In the past eighteen months, we have been actively building those collaborative partnerships, as well as a strong online presence to make sure the voice of people suffering from dengue or involved in fighting it is heard. According to the press release, Judge Marco Mohowinkel of Janssen Healthcare Innovation commented:

“This project has a strong mix of successful ingredients: great concept, smart origination, great leverage of social media, significant reach and strong partnership approach”.

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