If Liberals are NPCs, Then the Alt-Right are Trash-Tier Monsters

An average alt-right guy in his true form

As a lifelong fan of RPGs, I’m actually pretty keen on this new alt-right NPC meme. NPCs are the lifeblood of any great RPG campaign. They’re the decent townsfolk, the quest givers, the movers of plot. And while their dialogue may be scripted, a good NPC can have hopes and dreams and meaningful side stories to be uncovered. I like NPCs. They may not be the protagonists, but they’re usually the good guys. So sure, maybe liberals are NPCs.

But where does that leave the right wing? Do RPGs have a similarly scripted role that mirrors their sensibilities?

Of course! The alt-right are Trash-Tier Monsters.

A candid photo of a man suffering from “economic anxiety”

Like NPCs, Trash-Tier Monsters are essential to any great RPG. What’s the value in a protagonist’s quest if there aren’t evil, mindless creatures standing in their path, waiting to be farmed for easy experience? Like NPCs, Trash-Tier Monsters behave according to script, too. Their tactics are simple and entirely programmed. But rather than provide plot-moving dialogue or flavor text, Trash-Tier Monsters just repeat the same few attacks ad nauseam. And just like the current right wing, Trash-Tier Monsters are ugly, inhuman, stupid, and prone to getting destroyed in a single hit.

A guy who 100% believes Pizzagate happened

The modern right wing can come in many different forms — there are Goblins, Trolls, Zombies, and Slimes — but make no mistake, they’re all trash mobs flinging the same weak attacks.

So next time you’re going somewhere you might encounter some Trash-Tier Monsters, have some sympathy. Yes, they may be evil, shitty, garbage creatures spewing hateful attacks. But that’s all they’re designed to do. They aren’t made to think.