We did it. $1M dollars in facilitated investments!

You read that correctly. One Million Dollars. All through a platform that we created to better connect founders and angels.

People ask us all the time, “why are you free and why aren’t you taking a percentage off of these deals?”

To be completely honest, we want Unicorn to serve as the antithesis of what is happening in the industry today. It’s too crowded. There are too many middlemen. The fragmentation and barriers in place to simply MEET can turn even the most hopeless optimist away. The process is expensive and detracts focus. Too many people are taking advantage of the system and ripping others off.

We experienced it firsthand during our original stint as start-up founders and were sick of waiting for somebody to come in and fix the problem.

I mean, why should a founding team from St.Louis, MO have to trek all the way to NYC to attend one measly event? Spending thousands of dollars and wasting valuable creative hours in the process. Something was, and still is, broken.

During our three months of being live, we’ve received a ton of great feedback. Mostly, start-ups like the accessibility to quickly chat with an investor who actually wants to hold the conversation. Investors like the nimbleness of parsing through opportunities when away from their office desk. It’s, in turn, helped create a dynamic community of like-minded people.

So, back to $1M. What does it really mean?

Well, to us…it means that this is working. It means people aren’t just wasting their time on the app or taking advantage of the information at hand. It means people are connecting from all of the country, holding meaningful dialogue, and trading dollars for equity. It means that this success represents a microcosm of how the entire industry feels.

The next step is scaling.

We’ve partnered with eight incredible organizations and counting, who will not only help onboard their roster of insanely talented companies, but further, add a deeper layer to the community we are building.

Be on the look out for new features that are on the horizon. And if you’re reading this as either an angel investor looking for more opportunities or a start-up eagerly trying to close your round, hit THIS LINK and join us today.