Why Democrats are truly the party of Racism, Xenophobia, and Misogyny.

All one needs to do is watch C-SPAN in the mornings or look at any social media post by CNN MSNBC about anything to do with President Donald Trump and you will see on full display the pure hate, racism, bigotry, xenophobia, and misogyny from liberals. You will be exposed to everything from blaming whitey to blaming Jews, to making fun of Melania Trump. Just this morning on CSPAN Washington Journal segment, a Democrat called in from Pennsylvania claiming that Neil Gorsuch, Trump’s pick for Supreme Court was racist. When pressed on why this black woman would make such a claim, she said it was because she felt Gorsuch was for corporations and not the “little people”. When asked again how that makes him racist, she was forced to recant her claim. Another Democrat from Georgia, a black male, was calling about fraud, waste, and abuse, when they had a guest from the GAO on. He made the claim that we will always have fraud and waste so that whites and Jews will get richer. CNN posted a tweet about the woman who was arrested for the third time after she was caught scaling the White House fence. Their headline of course made her look like the victim by claiming she was arrested after trying to “see” Trump. Liberals could only use that tweet to make fun of Melania. I guess its only misogynistic if the comments are about a liberal female.

Democrats have since their creation back in the days of Andrew Jackson shown themselves to be the party that divides, marginalize and use minorities for their purposes, and promotes hate. Look no further than Antifa. The ISIS like group whose sole purpose is to go into highly liberalized areas where people are not likely to be armed, due to unconstitutional second amendment laws, and create social chaos. They also chant about and commit acts of violence against those they disagree with. They commit crimes by damaging and destroying public/private property all the while wearing masks to attempt to evade taking responsibility for their acts of domestic terrorism. Their latest tactic is to have their members co-opt the already ridiculous notion of gender identity and wearing Muslim Hijabs in order to lay claim to “Hate Crime” if they are assaulted or otherwise taken to jail in the pursuit of their terrorist activities.

I will not stay silent on this. Liberals have shown that they are the least tolerant of outside opinions. Their refusal to accept the election results show that they are truly anti-American. I make no apologies for the irrefutable truth I’ve spoken here.

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