We’re Reading Books. You Should Too.

Kakashi Hatake, a connoisseur of “fine literature,” would appreciate this article.

About this time last year, we published an article that recommended reading as a means to improve English skills.

This year, we plan to follow our own advice and make reading a routine.

One of our admins, Nan, has decided to read the following books in January:

By design, it’s an eclectic mix of genres. Her approach to reading is a self-professed “buffet style” of devouring anything that catches her attention, be it a best-seller she’s not yet read, a page-turner her nephews and nieces won’t stop talking about, or a guilty pleasure. Her goal is to read 60 books by the end of the year, during and after which she will have plenty of things to talk, KakaoTalk, and write about.

On the other hand, Henry, who enjoys answering questions that deal with idiomatic expressions, is committed to reading as many manga as possible in 2016—but with an attentive eye. He will spend the entire year examining panels in search of idioms that he can explain in tweets, Instagram photos, and Tumblr posts, such as the following from One-Punch Man:

Why manga? He is a firm believer that nothing is better at improving an ESL/EFL student’s proficiency in conversational English—and vocabulary—than comic books and well-translated manga (and anime subtitles).

Last but not least, Peter is going to peruse the dictionary this year. Seriously. First, because it counts as a book (tome is more like it), and second, because his goal is to learn 366 new words this year. And by “learn,” he means that on December 31, he must 1) know exactly what it means; 2) use it correctly in a sentence; and 3) think of three synonyms within 30 seconds. (How he plans to test himself is anyone’s guess, but we admire his commitment.)

Here is one of eleven words he has learned so far this year:

(Henry’s not sure just how useful many of these words are going to be, but Peter insists that he will find a way to incorporate them into his daily life.)

So there you have it: three different reasons for reading books in 2016. Whatever your New Year’s resolutions may be in terms of improving your English, we encourage you to make reading a priority.

By the way, if you have any books you’d like to recommend for Nan, feel free to share them.

Happy reading!

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