Above all we value these things

The pillars of our culture

Our values are the pillars that make Push unique, and able to adapt in the fast-changing digital landscape.

These principles underpin our big-picture problem solving approach. We must remember not to let ‘how’ get in the way of what we’re trying to do. We must always begin with ‘why’ — the purpose, and have faith that the answers will come to us. We improve our chances when we think outside the box and look to other industries.
This is about giving people more than they expect, and then raising their expectations for the future. We are embracing our uniqueness and striving towards new heights.
We achieve our interdependence by mastering our personal development (reaching independence) and then building relationships and joining forces with others. Our sights are set on worldly contributions that cannot be achieved by any individual. We are stronger together.
We firmly believe that if you aren’t moving forwards you are being left behind. The law of change does not discriminate from person to person, or organisation to organisation. To succeed as an individual or a company, one must grow forever.

We hope that by balancing all of them we can deliver value and accomplish our mission.